5 Reasons Why Repairing Tile Walls In Bathrooms Should Always Be In Your Maintenance Checklist

repairing tile walls in bathrooms

Repairing tile walls in bathrooms can be a time-consuming and tedious task. Nonetheless, it remains a significant part of every commercial property’s maintenance checklist.


The Benefits of Repairing Tile Walls in Bathrooms

For a lot of properties, cracked tiles are nothing new. Tiles can become cracked over time for a number of reasons. It could be due to a heavy load or a blow to the surface. It could also be due to poor drilling and joint installation. More often than not, though, tiles in a commercial property become cracked because of the underlying surface growing unstable. This could stem from the wrong use of adhesives, water damage, and poor fixing.

Other times, tile walls and floors simply crack because of the quality of the tile. Low-quality tiles are cheaper because they don’t cost as much money to make, so a lot of commercial property owners buy these tiles to save a buck. But, these tiles are no investment and can actually give you more trouble down the road. If your tiles are cracked because of poor quality, perhaps it’s better to simply replace them altogether.

That being said, every commercial property owner should make tile repair a part of their maintenance checklist, especially when it comes to tiles in bathrooms. Not convinced? Here are the top reasons why repairing tile walls in bathrooms should remain a priority for commercial establishments:


1. Leaves a Good Impression

how to fix cracked tileTiles are often the material of choice when it comes to bathrooms, whether in a commercial property or a residential property. This is no coincidence, as tile floors and walls can give bathrooms a clean and hygienic feel. And isn’t that what everyone wants in a bathroom?

Cracked tiles, though, can leave a bad impression. It sends the message that management doesn’t care enough to keep its bathrooms looking clean and well-maintained for its customers. Customers also tend to feel less at ease in a poorly kept bathroom. Bathrooms are where people go to be clean, and cracked tiles definitely don’t fit into that idea.

Furthermore, cracked tiles can give bathrooms a dated appearance. If you want customers to keep coming back to your establishment, invest in bathroom tile repair. The state of your bathroom can be what makes or breaks a customer’s decision to choose your establishment over a competitor’s.


2. Prevents Accidents

Cracked or broken tiles are open invitations for accidents and injuries. Cracked wall tiles can be sharp, and customers’ clothes can get snagged. Worse yet, a customer can cut themselves on a cracked tile.

Meanwhile, cracked floor tiles can cause someone to fall over and hurt themselves. A customer might get their foot caught in between the cracks and trip. Accidents are a huge liability for commercial property owners. Customers and employees who injure themselves on-premises and due to the owner’s neglect can sue. A commercial property owner may end up paying thousands of dollars in damages in addition to attorney’s fees. On top of that, your reputation and business can suffer a huge blow.


3. Makes for a Healthier Environment

The grout in between tiles is a breeding ground for mold and mildew. When cracked, the problem becomes even worse. Due to the high moisture content in bathrooms, the growth of mold and mildew is a common tile problem.

While it might not seem like it, mold and mildew can have detrimental effects on a person’s health. Mold, in particular, can cause a stuffy nose, coughing, and a sore throat in certain people. People who have sensitive skin may also suffer from a rash when they come into contact with mold.

If you want a clean and healthy environment, it’s best to invest in tile and grout repair. Doing so can also protect you from potential liability arising out of work-related illness.


4. Allows for Longer-Lasting Tiles

High-quality tiles don’t come cheap. And the cost can definitely build up if you have a lot of bathrooms or a wide space to fill. As such, commercial property owners should view tiles as an investment — one that you can preserve with the help of tile repair.

When cracks form or tiles become loose, it would do you well to make the necessary repairs as soon as possible. This will prevent the problem from snowballing and save you more money in the long run.


5. Happier and More Productive Workers

Commercial establishments often employ workers to keep operations running smoothly. And workers have to use the bathroom every once in a while, too. But, a poorly maintained work environment can have a negative impact on employee morale and productivity. Again, it plays into the idea that management doesn’t care enough to have the bathrooms cleaned and repaired.


How to Fix Cracked Tile: Leave It to the Pros

bathroom tile repairWhile some tile cracks are small enough to repair yourself, the task is generally best left in the hands of trained professionals. Professionals know exactly what materials and products to use to repair tiles and prevent further damage. They also understand what techniques to employ to get the best possible results. The bottom line is that professionals simply have more experience when it comes to repairing tile walls in bathrooms.

One of the top considerations that prevent a lot of property owners from employing professional services is cost. There is a common misconception that professional tile repair is expensive. On average, though, tile repair costs $425. Moreover, taking a DIY approach can actually cause more damage if you don’t know what you’re doing. This, in turn, will result in more costly repairs.


Time Is of the Essence

Repairing tile walls in bathrooms may not be a priority for some commercial property owners. But, seeing as how even the smallest of cracks can turn into large fractures, repairs should be done at the soonest possible time.

If you want high-quality tile repair at an affordable price, Maintenance Specialists Inc. is the best company for the job. Call us today at 704.405.6000 or contact us online to learn more about our services.



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