9 Reasons Why Parking Lot Striping Is Important For Commercial Establishments

parking lot striping

Maintaining a commercial property takes a lot of work. Because of the cost implications, it is easy to prioritize other maintenance tasks over things that seem unimportant — like parking lot striping. But, poor striping in your parking lot can have detrimental effects.


The Benefits of Professional Parking Lot Striping for Commercial Properties

Parking lot maintenance is something that not all commercial property owners have to face. After all, some commercial properties don’t come equipped with a parking lot. But, for those that do, owners will quickly find that parking lots require a certain level of attention to stay in good condition. One of these tasks is parking lot striping.

Striping your parking lot might sound easy, but it takes a fair bit of work and planning. It is ill-advised to take a DIY approach, especially if you have never done it before. Consider the benefits of professional parking lot striping below.


1. Pleasing to the Eyes

A bare parking lot with no lines whatsoever just doesn’t look attractive. In fact, without parking painting lines, it won’t even look like a parking lot. Instead, it will just appear as a large chunk of concrete or asphalt.

In contrast, bright paint on a black surface looks clean and appealing. A well-maintained parking lot gives customers and passersby the impression that you care about your commercial property and business. For a lot of commercial establishments, the parking lot is the first thing visitors see. Start them off with a good first impression by investing in good parking lot striping.


2. Safety for Pedestrians

Clear, bright lines painted on your parking lot can help ensure the safety of pedestrians. Both customers and employees will know which pathways to take. It minimizes the risk of injury as a result of pedestrians standing or walking in areas designated for vehicles. And commercial property owners know that on-site injury can spell legal disaster.


3. Prevents Accidents

To expound on the previous point, clear parking lot stripes can help prevent accidents. Vehicular accidents are more likely to happen in parking lots with faded arrows for pathways, entrances, and exits because drivers can’t see them very well. They end up taking a guess on which way to go, sometimes inadvertently colliding with another oncoming car or person.


4. Improves Traffic Flow

Parking lot striping is not just for the parking slots or spaces themselves. They also act as a directional guide for drivers. With clearly marked directional arrows, entrances, and exits, traffic can move more smoothly. Of course, it helps to also have a parking lot layout that supports the fluid movement of traffic.


5. Maximizes Parking Spaces

parking lot striping near meParking lots are convenient for customers. In fact, customers are more likely to visit a commercial establishment if there is a parking space available. After all, nobody wants the headache of trying to find a place to park just to get a takeaway. Therefore, as a commercial property owner, you naturally want to fit as many vehicles as possible into your parking lot.

With proper planning and striping, you can maximize the number of parking spaces in your lot. This will allow you to serve more customers. In comparison, a parking lot with faded or no striping at all might cause customers to park just anywhere. This is not only a safety hazard but also makes for inefficient spatial management.


6. Maintains ADA Compliance

Proper parking lot line striping also helps you comply with ADA regulations. The Americans With Disabilities Act provides certain standards for parking spaces to accommodate people with disabilities. According to ADA regulations, ADA parking spaces must be at least 8 inches across with 5 inches of clearance. There is also a set number of ADA parking slots you must have depending on the total number of parking slots.

Keep in mind that going against ADA regulations can cost a lot of money. If a person with a disability becomes injured on your commercial property, which isn’t compliant with ADA regulations, you will need to bear legal responsibility.


7. Help With Layout

Deciding on a layout can come as a challenge, even for a small lot. You need to measure everything out and make the most out of the parking lot while still remaining ADA-compliant. Professionals can help you with this by coming up with a plan for your parking lot according to your specifications and ADA regulations.


8. Access to Equipment and Materials

Striping is somewhat of an art form. You need to make the lines straight and bright to appear clearly to visitors and workers. Without the right materials and tools, it will take you days to complete the entire lot — even weeks, if you have a large space to work with.

Professional striping companies can help with this, too. These companies have access to a parking lot striping machine and know which parking lot striping paint to use for the best results.


9. Services You Need

Parking lot painting is not just for newly minted parking lots. Paint can fade over time due to the elements, and faded stripes are just as bad as no stripes at all. Fortunately, companies typically offer a wealth of services, which can include new parking lot striping as well as re-striping.


parking lot striping machineHow Much Does Parking Lot Striping Cost?

There are a few variables that can affect the cost of striping a parking lot. A new paint job will usually cost around $700 or more, whereas re-striping will only run you around $300 to $425. Keep in mind that the more spaces there are, the higher the cost will be. A parking lot striping company may also charge an additional fee for planning the layout of the entire space.


Looking for Parking Lot Striping Near Me?

It may not seem like it, but parking lots play a pivotal role in the success of a commercial property. It’s one of the first things customers see and can make or break a decision to patronize an establishment. But, parking lot striping is no easy task. It requires time and skill, not to mention the right tools and materials. When it comes down to it, it’s best to leave the job to certified professionals.

Maintenance Specialists, Inc. provides parking lot striping services to commercial properties, big or small. Call us today at 704.405.6000 or contact us online to learn more about how we can help you.



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