Mint Hill, NC: A
Lovely Place to Live

With an estimated population of 27,617, Mint Hill is by no means North Carolina’s largest town. This major suburb sits on the outskirts of Charlotte in the Mecklenburg and Union counties.

Residents love living in this quiet town for the many benefits it has to offer. For one thing, Mint Hill is home to many excellent schools served by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg public school system. This includes Clear Creek Elementary and Rocky River High School, where the Broncos United FC NC play. Mint Hill also boasts a diverse culture, an affordable cost of living, and great job opportunities.

Additionally, the residents of Mint Hill enjoy a great commute, fair weather, and plenty of activities to do. Nature lovers will surely love this small town as there are several parks to visit. This includes the Sherman Branch Mountain Biking Park, Idlewild Road Park, and Mint Hill Veterans Memorial Park. Furthermore, thanks to its close proximity to Charlotte, a 20-minute drive easily grants residents access to a vast array of entertainment options.

Facility Maintenance in Mint Hill, NC

Despite its small size, Mint Hill is a proud town with many proud businesses that put their customers and workers first. Managing any business, though, involves the completion of certain maintenance and repair work to ensure peak performance and a safe environment for everyone.

That said, not all business owners have the luxury of time and resources to take care of such tasks. As such, many businesses turn to professional Mint Hill maintenance services.

Maintenance Specialists Inc. provides expert maintenance, cleaning, and repair services to businesses in the Mint Hill area. We hold our services to the highest standards and use a tailored approach to satisfy our clients’ needs. MSI also comes equipped with the latest equipment and high-grade solutions, delivering services at an affordable cost without compromising on quality.

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Our Mint Hill facility maintenance services include but are not limited to the following:

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MSI is a privately held company with 100 years of combined experience in the industry. We cater to a variety of industries, including hospitality, medical, food and beverage, commercial properties, schools, HOAs, and more. Here at MSI, we believe in continued education. Therefore, we take the necessary steps to constantly train our technicians in the best industry practices.

In need of a Mint Hill facility maintenance company? Trust in MSI for all your Mint Hill maintenance needs. Reach out to us today at (704) 405-6000 or contact us online for any questions or concerns. You can also send us an email at to get a free quote.

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