The Importance Of Commercial Floor Cleaning

Many business owners think getting commercial floor cleaning services is a luxury they can do without. Nothing can be further from the truth. Having the floors of a business professionally cleaned on a regular basis can provide a ton of benefits for any company. It can help to increase their bottom line. Some companies think simply having their employees keep their work areas clean and pitch in to keep common areas clear is sufficient. However, saving a few dollars on professional cleaning services can cost the company more in the long run.

There are many benefits to getting the floors of a business professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Failure to keep the floors clean can lead to dangerous and embarrassing situations, lower employee morale, and unhappy customers.

1. Creating A Good First Impression

One of the first things customers, sales people and business associates notice when they enter a business are the floors. The way they look help to create the first impression people have of the business. If they are dirty, streaked or have an unpleasant odor, customers may be turned off and not want to do business there. They may begin to wonder about the cleanliness of anything else in the business. Potential business partners may see dirty floors as a sign the company is unprofessional and may have second thoughts about doing business with them. And those first impressions can be difficult to change or overcome.

2. Improving Safety

Professionally cleaned floors do more than just look good, they improve the safety of anyone who enters the business. That includes both staff, customers and potential business associates. If the floors aren’t properly cleaned and well maintained, dirt, grit, grime and other detritus can and become a tripping hazard. Plus, stickiness on the floors can cause people to slip, fall and hurt themselves. If things like spills are not properly and promptly cleaned, they can attract dirt, become dangerous and make simply walking around in the business unsafe. Plus, slip and falls can lead to injuries and expensive legal action.

3. Enhancing The Work Environment

People enjoy coming to work more when they feel good about the workplace. Everyone wants to work for a company of which they can be proud. If employees know their workplace will be dinghy, dirty and smelly, they will not be excited to go to work, won’t want to dress their best and will not be motivated to go the extra mile. A dirty workplace signals the ownership and management doesn’t care about the work environment. Employees internalize this and it can have a negative impact on their view of the company and their job.

4. Increased Worker Productivity

Having the workplace professionally cleaned not only makes it look nicer, impress customers and clients and feel more comfortable.It increases the productivity of the staff. Research has shown that when workers have a clean, well organized environment, they work harder and get more work done. For companies, the money they spend having professionals clean the floors in the workplace more than pays for itself in the improved quality and increased quantity of work their staff does. Workers are inspired to do their best when their surroundings look and feel clean.

5. Maintains A Healthier Work Environment

The high traffic in many businesses create a haven for germs. This can lead to the spread of a variety of illnesses and diseases. People spend many hours each day in the workplace. This makes it among the easiest places in which to come in contact with colds and other illness. With so many people in close proximity to each other, if the workplace isn’t regularly cleaned, once one worker begins to sneeze, germs can get all over the surfaces in the office and if they’re not properly sanitized, people can begin to get sick. This can lead to lowered productivity because sick workers cannot function effectively and tend to produce work that is less than their best.

6. Proper Equipment And Supplies

Cleaning the floors of the workplace properly requires specialized equipment and supplies. Without the right equipment and supplies, dirt and grime will begin to build up and the place will not look and smell clean. Plus, the floors are more likely to get damaged if the proper cleaning equipment isn’t used. Workplace floors require industrial strength vacuums, extractors, shampoos and polishes if they are to look their best. Employees using standard brooms and mops are often insufficient to get the job done right.

7. Attention To Detail

Employees that are asked to pitch in to keep the floors and other parts of the workplace clean in addition to doing their regular duties cannot be expected to provide the attention to details professional floor cleaners deliver. Asking salespeople and other professionals to clean floors is bound to result in them doing a substandard job. This substandard work will make the business look dinghy, dirty and unattractive. This can lead customers to question the company’s commitment to quality and make them stay away.

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