How To Care For Commercial Wood Flooring

Your wood flooring takes a beating every day and accumulates dirt over time. Replacing wood flooring is often a time-consuming and expensive process, which is why you must take care of it the best you can. Contrary to what some would like you to believe, there is a proper method to care for commercial wood flooring.


The Right Way to Care for Commercial Wood Flooring

One of the most important investments you will make in your commercial property is preventative maintenance. It is quite common for repairs to go unnoticed for a substantial period of time. This can be due to a lack of preventative maintenance or performing required regular cleaning services. If you need maintenance for wood flooring for commercial properties, it is highly recommended to review the information below:


1. Consider What Type of Cleaning Products Will Be Used

The type of flooring your property has will dictate the cleaning products required and the frequency of cleaning. In the past, it was common to utilize cleaning products that had unhealthy chemicals or were harmful to the environment. This was mainly due to the lower cost of cleaning companies. Nowadays, though, it is more important to use eco-friendly products.

Make sure to work with a company that elects to use products that are healthy, have a pleasant odor, and eco-friendly. This will make your company have an enhanced reputation with both your staff and customers.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that certain products can harm your flooring. Saturated mops are a big no-no, and so are products that contain ammonia. When shopping for cleaning products, check whether they are safe for use on wood floors. Even if wood-safe products are more expensive, surely they are worth the extra bucks to keep your floors clean and blemish-free.


2. Have Regular Inspections for Mold

checking for mold | commercial hardwood floors
Part of commercial hardwood floor care is performing regular inspections for mold. If you have wood floors or walls, there is the potential for mold to spread if you are not careful.

Regularly check for signs of mold even if you are not in a coastal area that has more moisture. One key sign is an odor you can detect earlier than actual physical damage.

Be careful if you have internal plumbing that had leaks or damages recently. Mold may come a short time after. This will cause a great deal of damage to any surface made from wood on your commercial property. By regularly inspecting for mold, you can catch any potential repair issues that may become very costly in the future.


3. Dust on Shelves, Fans, and Countertops Before Cleaning Your Floors

Before you decide to have your floors cleaned, you first need to clean higher areas that accumulate dust. Cleaning the floors first will be counterproductive because you will get the dust and dirt off of the floor only to have the floor become dirty again from cleaning harder to reach higher areas.

When considering your options, see if you can find a company that can clean all areas of your commercial property. If this is not possible, schedule your general cleaning with the higher areas before getting professional cleaning for your floors. This way, you can get the most value out of each cleaning service.


4. Look Closely for Scratches or Damages to the Wood

Having wood flooring is a wonderful way to make your commercial property look very elegant.

That said, care for hardwood floors differs greatly from cheaper types of flooring. If your commercial property is a place with a great deal of foot traffic, consider another type of flooring that will show fewer scratches than wood.

If you insist on wood floors, then designate areas where employees and customers can clean their shoes first. Remember that sand, dirt, and grit are detrimental to the finish of your wood flooring. Educating yourself is part of proper care for commercial wood floors. In addition, it is wise for you to regularly check the flooring to see if it needs any maintenance or additional cleaning services. By doing so, you will help to maintain the value of your commercial space.


5. When Hiring a Company, Go for Experience

looking at resume | care for hardwood floorsIf your commercial has more than one different type of flooring, it is important to work with a cleaning or maintenance company that has experience in all the types of flooring that your commercial property has.

Working with a company with no experience dealing with one type of flooring may have a negative impact on your commercial property investment because a certain part of your flooring may be damaged and need to be replaced.

Make sure to have regular floor cleanings using the appropriate products and tools to ensure that there is no damage to your flooring. If you feel that you are going to forget to schedule your required cleaning or maintenance services, then it is best to schedule them in advance. This way, you will be proactive and will allocate the appropriate amount of capital required.


6. Consider Combining Services with Other Areas Using Wood on Your Commercial Property

If you have wood flooring and wood walls or baseboards, for example, it is wise to ask the cleaning company that you are considering hiring whether there are cleaning packages that will enable you to save capital. If you are able to combine certain cleaning services that you need in one package, you will be able to not only schedule your cleanings for one visit, but you may be able to get certain services discounted.


Make the Most Out of Your Wood Floors

Wood floors are more expensive than other types of flooring, so property owners naturally want to protect their investment. One of the best ways to ensure your wood flooring lasts is to practice proper maintenance. If you care for commercial wood flooring the right way, you can save tons of money on replacements and repairs. All it takes is a little time and some effort.

If you are having a tough time caring for the wood flooring on your commercial property, make sure to contact MSI for help. Efficient and exceptional service is the MSI guarantee.



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