9 Essential Tips For Repainting A Commercial Property


Many organizations are unaware of how important repainting their property is for their professional image. The reality is that paint loses its dark colors over time due to excessive sunlight and severe weather. In addition, vandalism can occur on your company’s property which will have to be eliminated quickly. If you are considering repainting a commercial property, it is wise to review the information below.


Important Factors to Consider When Repainting a Commercial Property

Repainting a property isn’t just about painting a slab of paint on your walls. There are several things to consider to make sure you’re not wasting your money, time, and effort. Heed these essentials tips when repainting a commercial property to help you get on the right foot.


1. Assess the Impact of Severe Weather on Your Property’s Paint

If your company is located in a place that has heavy rain or snow, then it is going to cause damage to your paint quickly. Make sure to check your paint after each winter season to see if your paint was severely damaged.

If your paint was severely damaged, then it is wise for you to obtain a quote for what it would cost to touch up your paint. If you touch up your paint, it will be much less expensive than entirely repainting your structure. In some instances, it will be too difficult to just touch up paint; however, if you are able to merely do a touch up, it will save you time and money.


2. Deal with Faded Paint

painter man at work with a roller, bucket and scale, from below view, copy space template | repainting a commercial propertyFaded paint is a more complicated issue because it is caused by excessive sunlight. Excessive sunlight leaves a property owner with the choice of entirely repainting the structure or deciding to match the touch-up paint to the new faded color of the structure. Companies that are looking to save a substantial amount of capital would be wise to match the color of their faded existing paint and then only touch up the areas that are necessary.


3. Check the Damage Caused by Human Contact

Human contact can cause damage to paint in a variety of ways. Human contact can lead to chipped paint, scuffs, and other marks that make a building look like it is not being properly maintained. It is wise to review your paint at least twice per year to check for damages caused by human contact. By reviewing the damages twice per year, you will be able to make touch-ups at a lower cost than having to repaint the entire structure.


4. Assess the Stained Paint

Painted White color for new house | repainting a commercial propertyPaint can become stained over time due to poor maintenance or extensive light exposure. It is important to consider how to deal with stained paint if it is negatively impacting the look of your commercial space. Try to have a paint expert match the colors of the stained areas that match your building’s design concept. If you are able to achieve this, you will be able to save additional money on paint.


5. Vandalism Removal

Vandalism is something that can happen to any business owner. It is important for vandalism to be removed quickly given that many vandalism texts have offensive content that is not good for the image of your business. Make sure to match your new paint color to the color your property was before the vandalism to make it look like nothing ever was vandalized.

If you can catch who did vandalize your property, you may be able to legally require them to pay for the costs associated with repainting a commercial property.


6. Add Sealant

When your facility has had vandalism, it is not enough to just repaint your property. It is better if you are able to add a sealant on top of your new coat of paint. What this will do is that it will assist you in deterring future vandalism because it will be difficult for graffiti or other forms of vandalism to remain on the surface of your building.

A sealant is something that is commonly neglected amongst property owners, which is why many property owners are constantly paying for touch up paint to combat vandalism when they could be saving capital by adding sealant after the first incident of vandalism occurs.


7. Make Sure to Match the Interior Paint

Painter man hands with colors | repainting a commercial propertyA common misconception is that the exterior of a property is the only part of the property that will need retouching. In fact, there are many times where the inside of the property will also have damages that occur as the natural result of having employees and conducting business.

Your employees and customers will notice if you are not maintaining the paint on your building’s inside. Make sure to be checking your interior paint at least twice per year in order to determine if you need a quick touch up paint service to keep the look of your property professional.


8. Inspect Your Paint Twice a Year

Depending on what you are looking for, it is generally recommended to have your paint inspected at least twice per year. If you are just looking for weather damage, then be sure to schedule your inspection for after the winter season. Having frequent checks on your paint will be instrumental to your company in terms of maintaining a professional image. Plus, you get to check for the common exterior paint problems before they get worse.


9. Know When to Have Your Repainting Services Completed

the iron scaffoldings on tile ground and the black lamp on the ceiling with the labor while renovation the old office | repainting a commercial propertyIt is usually best to have your repainting services scheduled when your employees are not at work. If you are able to do so, you can have less time with workers on your property since they will not have to work around your employees. Many property owners prefer to have these services scheduled over the weekend so that they are able to allow the paint aromas to air out over time.

Ideally, Saturday will be the best day to have touch up painting work completed. However, if your company conducts business on the weekends, having services scheduled when your employees are on vacation or several hours before your business opens could be a way to make paint aromas less severe for your staff and customers to smell.


Only Let Professionals Touch Your Walls

Your company property must always be well-kept and well-maintained. It’s part of your professional image and neglecting it can easily have a negative impact on both your employees and customers. When repainting a commercial property, only let the professionals handle it. This way, you’re sure that your walls are assessed and treated properly. If you’re looking for professional repainting services, don’t hesitate to ask us for a quote.



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