What To Include In Your HOA Maintenance Checklist

hoa maintenance checklist

Running a homeowners association requires regular maintenance and upkeep of common areas and amenities. Without an HOA maintenance checklist, though, it can be easy to miss important items. Fulfill your HOA maintenance responsibilities with the help of a comprehensive checklist.


The Ultimate HOA Maintenance Checklist

In a homeowners association, the HOA board is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the community. This includes the general maintenance and repair of items within the association.

The HOA failure to maintain common areas can lead to problems for both the community and the HOA board down the road. After all, members of the association pay regular dues. Therefore, they expect the community to look great and function properly. If you ignore common area maintenance, your HOA board can be accused of negligence of duty and can face possible legal issues.

Sometimes, though, you may unintentionally forget certain items in the neighborhood that require regular or preventive maintenance. To avoid potential problems like this, it’s best to have an HOA preventive maintenance checklist handy. A maintenance checklist consists of all the essential items you need to inspect as part of maintaining the community.

But, what exactly should an HOA maintenance checklist include? Your maintenance checklist should include items in your community categorized according to type — exterior, interior, utilities, and common areas.



hoa preventative maintenance checklistThe first part of your community maintenance checklist should include exterior items. This means inspecting the exterior of any and all properties, including clubhouses, gyms, offices, and other buildings.

Make sure to check the foundation and exterior walls to see if they’re in good form. Time, along with the elements, can deal serious damage to these parts and mess with the structural integrity of the building. Check whether or not the exteriors need a fresh coat of paint. Examine the exterior vents to make sure they’re clean and unclogged.

Don’t forget storm drains, roofs, and gutters as well. It’s critical to inspect these items regularly to ensure water flows down to the intended areas. Make sure there is no debris clogging these items. In doing so, you can prevent leaks and water damage. Storm drains, in particular, need to be cleaned every two years.

You should also go over the condition of windows and doors. Does anything need to be replaced? Perhaps there are some cracks you can’t see from a distance. If you have wood decks and other outdoor spaces, include them in your HOA exterior maintenance checklist, too.

Apart from general cleaning and keeping up appearances, you should make sure everything is working properly. Any electrical supply boxes that require repairs should receive attention immediately. It’s also a good idea to check for signs of pests in the area. A monthly pest control service is a good way to eliminate and prevent pests.



Once you’ve got your exteriors in check, it’s time to move on to interior maintenance. That means going into every community building to conduct a thorough interior inspection. Make sure to examine indoor screens and vents, including vents in the attic. They should remain clean and anything blocking airflow should be removed.

It’s also critical to check the interior walls. Are there cracks in the walls that could let water in or the cold inside? Does the drywall need repairing? Aside from the walls, you should also make a point to examine the floors. There shouldn’t be any loose or cracked tiles that could cause someone to trip and fall. Consider having the floors professionally cleaned to get rid of dirt build-up.

Turn your attention to the roofs as well. Check for any signs of leaking or water damage, particularly during the rainy season. You may have loose shingles or gaps in your roof that could give way to water flowing indoors.



No HOA inspection checklist is complete without a section dedicated to utilities. Go through your HVAC systems and see to it that they’re functioning as intended. Pay attention to air conditioning units as well as heaters and furnaces. Have a professional inspect them, especially before during the summer and winter seasons when they’re most needed.

You should also examine water lines, electrical lines, gas lines, and phone lines. Look for signs of damage as things can quickly turn sour when these are left unchecked. Again, you will usually need to contact a professional to perform this.


Common Areas

condominium maintenance checklistEvery homeowners or condo association has common areas that all members can use. These common areas and amenities also require constant upkeep and maintenance. You should inspect roads and asphalt surfaces at least two times a year. Sidewalks should also receive a thorough cleaning, ideally pressure washing, twice annually. This will prevent damages and prolong their lifespan.

Additionally, as part of your HOA or condominium maintenance checklist, don’t forget to examine yards, lawns, and landscaping. Hire a professional service to maintain the landscaping and trim trees. Remember that dying tree branches can fall off at any moment, endangering cars and passersby. It’s also a good idea to have trees inspected before a storm or the winter season as strong winds can knock branches clean off.

Check that all fences are in good shape and follow HOA guidelines. If you live in a closed community, make sure to pay attention to vehicle entry gates as well. Gates should not have any loose bolts or rust stains. It’s equally important to inspect all security cameras. Both the hardware and software should work properly.

If you have parking lots, schedule pressure cleaning to maintain their condition. You may also want to restripe your parking lots every few years. Revisit your contract with your trash collection service and see when it expires. Consider changing vendors if necessary.

Finally, you should go through your community amenities. Parks should remain clean and have beautiful landscaping. Make sure playground equipment is safe to use. Clean and maintain pool areas, gyms, and clubhouses, too.


HOA Maintenance Checklist Template

When performing regular maintenance, it’s vital to have your checklist ready so you can mark off anything of importance. Inspect each item thoroughly, record your findings, and attach photos as supporting documents.

Download your sample maintenance checklist here.


Avoid Problems, Plan Ahead

Regular maintenance can save your HOA a whole world of trouble down the road. And, with the help of an HOA maintenance checklist, you can tick off each item and feel assured that you won’t miss anything. Create your own checklist or use the template we provided above as your HOA or condo maintenance checklist.

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