10 Recommended Tips For Office Renovation

When commencing a new office space renovation, there are many important factors to consider. Companies need to take adequate time to plan their renovation projects. Otherwise, they can end up spending more than they initially budgeted. Poor organization can also lead to significant delays. If you are renovating your office space, here are some recommended tips to consider.


10 Tips for Office Renovation Projects

There can be many reasons to renovate your office space. It is wise for the senior management team to discuss openly the direction your company is headed. The reason for this is that it is always better to remodel ahead of expansion rather than to remodel retroactively.

Planning can save your company a great deal of capital, which will further fuel the future growth of your business. It is also wise to discuss whether having a remodel is more cost-effective, or whether it is best to sell the existing office and invest in a larger space that does not require any construction. Depending on the size of your projected office remodel project, it may be less expensive to acquire a new office entirely.

If you find that office renovation is the better move, here are 10 tips for office renovation projects.


1. Visualize the Ideal Design for Your Office Renovation Project

architect designing interior of office | tips for office renovation projectsYour senior management team really needs to consider what kind of environment they want your office to have. Having a consistent vision and theme will be important for finding the right contractor and designer to successfully design the space.

In addition, it is important to have the office renovation not drastically clash with the existing design — unless you are entirely changing the entire office during the renovation project.

Make sure that the design matches your industry, projected growth, and provides an image of professionalism to both your customers and employees. The senior management teams that take the time to consider the finished product’s vision will usually have the most successful office renovation. They clearly know what they want and set expectations with the contractors, vendors, and designers that they end up hiring to facilitate the office renovation project’s completion.


2. Consider Whether Your Renovation Project Will Be Subject to Harsh Weather

car covered with snow stands in the parking lot of residential building | managing an office renovationWhen you are planning to remodel your commercial office space, you are going to have to understand how long your prospective project will take.

For example, if you live in an area with excessive snow, certain phases of the remodel of your office space will be impacted by inclement weather.

Have a comprehensive understanding of the schedule of your upcoming project so that you will not have damages or delays due to harsh weather. Companies that fail to consider whether delays can end up having to pay more for their company remodel projects.


3. Consider Whether Your Company Will Be Shifting Industries and Need Specialized Spaces

It is quite common for companies to shift sectors of their business over certain periods of time. For this reason, your senior management team should decide what kinds of spaces the various sectors of your business will need. If you are able to consider this, you can design a better space that is more productive for your employees in various sectors to utilize.


4. Check If You Have Adequate Space for Your Expanding Staff

As your company grows, you will have to expand your staff. If you do not have enough seating, then your staff will not be able to work productively. Make sure to make projections with your senior management team about what your increased staff projections will be like in the next five to seven years. If you are able to do so, you will be able to make changes to your office space proactively rather than retroactively.


5. Utilize Cost-Effective Materials

human hand with calculator and energy efficiency rating chart at table | office renovation checklistCompanies need to remember that having cost-effective materials is important when designing and managing an office renovation project. Companies should be looking to save where they can in order to utilize their resources effectively.

It is best to find a balance between elegance and cost-effective budgeting. Companies often work with designers to find a happy medium between these two extremes in order to use a design that best aligns with the industries that their business serves.


6. Be Sure to Plan Your Space Generously

Remodel projects often have issues when companies do not plan their spaces effectively. It is typically best to provide additional space in your design to accommodate construction issues that may arise during your remodel project.

Planning additional storage space is always useful to store important inventory, plans, or other supplies that your office needs to operate efficiently. The general rule of thumb is that it is always better to have more space than a shortage of space when it comes to an office space remodel.


7. Choose Projects That Are Environmentally Friendly

hands holding seedlings with digital icons | successful office renovationThere are many ways your company’s office space renovation can be beneficial to the environment. For example, if you are designing new electrical fixtures or lighting, try to implement more technologies that save energy.

Many local governments will provide your business with a positive tax incentive for doing so, which will also save your company capital.

Another suggestion to implement is to have designated recycling areas included in the design of your remodel. More often than not, employees merely need labeled bins with instructions on how to recycle and they will follow those instructions, which further helps the environment. Companies that are friendly to the environment are also more appealing to both current and future customers.


8. Obtain the Proper Permits

It is never wise to start a remodel project without having the proper permits. Permits are not simple and can take a substantial period of time to obtain from your local government offices. Make sure to budget adequate time for finding the ideal permits for your upcoming remodel project. This way, you will be able to avoid additional fines that will greatly impact the budget of your office space remodel.


9. Have an Organized Budget that You Know Your Company Can Afford

One of the most difficult issues to manage for an office remodel is the budget. One recommended strategy is to pad your numbers with flexibility for the unexpected issues that may arise over time. Have your senior management team look over the projected budget carefully for your project in order to avoid spending more capital on your upcoming office space renovation than your company can afford.


10. Work with an Experienced Company to Coordinate Your Entire Office Space Renovation

people smiling at the same time in a meeting room | office renovation tipsMany companies do not have the time or proper experience to coordinate their office space renovation. For this reason, it is recommended for companies to hire an outside consultant to organize the process for their entire office space renovation project.

There are many benefits to this because it will enable many of the employees to continue working during the office renovation and cause as little disruption as possible.

Working with an experienced consultant can also assist with complicated issues related to obtaining the proper permits and finding the best possible contractors or vendors to complete the office renovation in the most professional manner possible.


An Office Renovation Checklist for Your Space

Office renovation projects need a lot of planning and coordination — from senior management all the way to the employees. With these tips for office renovation, you can manage upcoming projects and ensure that the company can conduct business properly. To help you keep track of everything, here’s an office renovation checklist to follow:

  •       Visualize Your Ideal Design
  •       Consider Weather Impact on Renovation
  •       Check If Company Need Specialized Spaces
  •       Have Adequate Space for Staff Members
  •       Utilize Cost-Effective Materials
  •       Plan Office Space Generously
  •       Choose Environment-Friendly Renovation Projects
  •       Obtain Proper Permits
  •       Have a Reasonable Budget for Renovation
  •       Choose the Right Contractor


Less Stress and More Success with These Tips for Office Renovation

An office space renovation is a big project for any company. With so many things to consider, it can become time-consuming and burdensome. Adequate planning and organization are key if you want your renovation project to become a success. As long as you consider these tips for office renovation, you can keep track of your vision and your budget. The end result will be a beautiful office space that is also efficient and functional.

If you need more tips for office renovation, don’t hesitate to give MSI a call. We have Maintenance Specialists that can provide exceptional office space renovation assistance services to our clients.



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