How To Find The Best Commercial Property Floor Cleaning Service Provider

When you own commercial real estate, it is important for you to properly care for your real estate. The reason for this is that the value of your commercial real estate will depreciate over time if a new prospective buyer will have to make substantial repairs due to your failure to maintain the property properly. That said, you have to look for the best commercial property floor cleaning service provider in your area that can do the job right.


Hire Commercial Property Floor Cleaning Service Providers Several Times Per Year

When assessing the budget of your commercial property, it is wise to figure out what kind of expenses you will need to cover in order to be sure that you have enough capital to support the commercial property’s expenses. One service that is commonly overlooked for commercial properties is the cost of floor cleaning, which is why it’s vital to set a budget for it based on how many times you need it cleaned annually.

A common misconception is that once per year is sufficient for cleaning your commercial property’s floors. In fact, it is wise to have your commercial property’s floors cleaned at least quarterly.

Depending on the climate of where your commercial property is located, you may have more excess dirt or damage related to extreme weather. Make sure to consider the kinds of materials that your commercial property’s floors have to determine which floor cleaning service provider would be an ideal fit for your business.

Here’s what to look for when hiring a commercial property floor cleaning service company:


1. Check for the Cleaning Service Provider’s Professional References

stack of business paper with pen and calculator | commercial property floor cleaning serviceAny reputable commercial cleaning company will have prior references from both current and past contracts. If a company is newer, they may provide you with promotional pricing that is absolutely worth a try if they are upfront about their lack of experience. If a company does not want to give you this information, it is a red flag that they are perhaps not the company that you should be working with due to poor references or customer issues in the past.

For this reason, asking for professional references is an ideal test to see whether the company you are considering hiring has the proper experience that was positive with their existing and past clients. The best scenario is when you are able to receive a personal referral from a colleague or relative when trying to find the ideal commercial cleaning company for your commercial properties.


2. Ask for a Package That Fits Your Cleaning Needs

two men in suits discussing and planning project | commercial property floor cleaning serviceDepending on the size of your company, you may have several different commercial properties that will need their floors cleaned. Ask the commercial property floor cleaning service provider what they recommend based on their experience. Perhaps there will be certain services that you should consider in order to prevent future damage to your flooring.

Additional floor treatments are an excellent way to practice proactive rather than retroactive maintenance. Try to assess which potential services will provide the best possible results to your flooring and then consider whether it is the right fit for your budget.


3. Secure Bulk Pricing

If you have multiple properties or need a wide variety of services for one property, try to ask about bulk pricing. Many times, commercial property floor cleaning service providers will have other services that they offer to their customers. Try to secure discounted pricing based on your multiple commercial properties or a wide variety of services that you will require. If you think in this manner, it is possible that you will save a great deal of capital that you will be able to utilize in other areas of your budget.


Find the Right Service Provider for the Material on Your Commercial Property’s Floors

man cleaning floor with machine | commercial property floor cleaning serviceWhen you purchase your commercial properties, it is important to ask what each type of material each of your flooring comes from. If you are able to do this, you will be able to know what kinds of cleaning services you will need in the future for your commercial property. For example, wood and tile flooring will need different kinds of cleaning services than carpet surfaces.

Assess before you move into the space, whether any of the flooring needs to be replaced and what the potential cost will be for you to replace the flooring. Replacing the flooring after you move in can be quite complex and it is wise to be sure that you have the best possible flooring for your company’s needs.

Depending on what type of company you have, certain floor surfaces will be better than others. Having a comprehensive knowledge of what kind of flooring you have in your commercial real estate properties will save you a great deal of capital in the long-term due to lack of necessary damages from having the wrong kinds of cleanings.


Ask What Products Your Commercial Property Floor Cleaning Service Provider Uses

There are many commercial property floor cleaning service providers that use extensive chemicals in their cleaning products. It is quite common for cleaning products to cause allergies in both your customers and staff members. Usually, it is best to find commercial cleaning companies that work with products that are safer and more environmentally friendly. By doing so, you will be able to promote this amongst your customers and staff for positive morale.

There has been a substantial shift with regards to which kinds of cleaning products are acceptable and which ones are more dangerous to use. Be sure to ask your commercial property floor cleaning service provider carefully what kinds of products they use in the various cleaning services that they offer to be sure that you will not have any potentially avoidable issues in the future. Your staff and customers will be thrilled at your choice to utilize products that are both safe and friendly to the environment.


There is no doubt that having clean floors is imperative in a commercial property. If you’re looking for a reputable and trusted commercial property floor cleaning service provider, feel free to contact us for a quote or questions on how we can help you with your cleaning needs.

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